my community…

Just as I think, things are winding down with speeches and appearances that I will finally have time to work on my memoir and one week can change it all.

Two weeks ago, I went through 3 hours of IV poking ending up with eight failed peripheral IV attempts.  I finally said ‘enough’ and the doc on call order a Mid-Line.  It finally went in and thank god for that.  As the Steroids flooded my system and making my joints ache like an 80 year old, and slowing me down to a crawl but it allowed my mind to free itself.  I find it best to have out of body experiences when I am sitting there for the hour of the treatment.  The main IV nurse is not someone I want to converse with or really get to know.  She’s the “main” iV fusion nurse at my plan and she is the only perosn in 20yrs at my health plan I have ever complained about.  So Sarah showing up to advocate for me after 8 hrs of this deaf nurse not seeing the pain she was putting me through and then relaying what she saw to my doctor, I’m beyound fortunate – it’s what Lisa used to do.   I went through 5 full days or a total of 5G of steroids and can report I’m back to my baseline.

So as my mind is freed during my treatment and at night when the 1000mg of steroids coursing through my body makes sleep impossible, my thoughts turned to the upcoming spring and early summer events.  The kids, Sarah and I are all going to NYC where I am receiving the Lambda Legal Liberty Award on May 2nd.  A complete shock when Kevin sent his letter asking to give me the award – it threw me back to that day in April when the gentleman said “do you have a few minutes to speak to the President”.  Funny, I think, would someone actually say “no” in either situation?

Then last week, I took on another CASA case, missed my UPS class so need to catch up on reading and have multiple kid oriented events on the horizon when GLAAD’s L.A. office called.  I know it is almost their Media Award season since the kids and I along with my sister Marilyn went to the San Fran Awards in Spring 2008.  I did not speak; however, Neil (GLAAD’s president) talked about our situation and then the spotlights and camera’s hit the kids and I.  The evening was fun with David Mixner and Sharon Stone receiving awards as well as sitting at Judith Light’s table (she is an honorary co-chair).  I was in my infancy when it came to events back then.  I think it was only my second time at a large gathering.  GLAAD is special to me since the beginning when the head of national media Cindi Creager took my call and I just told her what happened to us – in about 20 minutes non-stop.  This was before I knew you don’t just call up large LGBT organizations and talk to some of the upper mgmt.  But it worked for me more than once.  So back to my call last friday, GLAAD L.A. calls and asks if I would like to speak at the NYC awards, March 19th.  Easy answer –of course.  There is also a possibility of also talking at the LA and San Fran awards which I would be happy to also.


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