90,000 visitors

Welcome number 90,001.  I started our family blog in September 2006.  A way to get those stacks of pictures off my desk and out to family.  As I wake up this semi-sunny Sunday here in Lacey, I grapple with going back to sleep or actually being productive.  Five years ago, before the blog, that wouldn’t have been an option.  Lisa, the kids and I would be at Mass or on our way to Mt. Rainier since it is sunny out.  We always had a back up plan for church if it was sunny out.

The kids seemed so little 5 years ago – Katie just 9 years old.  Now at 14, I watched her in the woodstock flock, dancing her heart out for her middle school “You’re a good man Charlie Brown”.  David was 10.  Now he is almost done with his freshman year in high-school.  This week he was recognized at the Honor’s breakfast, nominated by his English teacher Ms. Capek, regardless that writiing and reading remain his biggest challenges and will require him to have supported employment for him to live on his own.  Dani a big kid at 12 learning some big lessons.  Now as her junior year winds to a close, she volunteers with Police Exporers for many hours a month, sometimes up to 40 hrs, she is traveling to Italy with Papa this summer as soon as school lets out and has difficult and scary decision of where to apply to college.  Michael was 16 and was fast becoming too difficult to manage at home.  Now at 21 he is living in a supported living situation with 24/7 staffing and I hope he accepts the job at the shelter workshop when he goes to visit next week.

Five years ago, Lisa and I celebrated our 17yrs as a couple.  She was chomping to get to Cape Cod for the summer.  I was on to my second year as the after hours CPS supervisor for Western WA.  By then I had the worst sleeping schedule, working all night some night and only an hour others.  But I knew the job fit in with my  MS so didn’t even think of giving up one minor inconvenience of sleep.

I was stunned by the sudden loss of my father on 6/9/06.  The Lisa, kids and I drove across the state to attend his memorial.  As a formed a letter in my mind to my mother, Lisa and I discussed our final wishes, yet again.  I didn’t know then, how important our discussion would become.

Also in the summer 2006, the seeds of idea planted for  big present for Lisa for our 15yrs of our holy union that year in October 2006.  I researched Hawaii, another Disney Cruise and then came across Rfamily cruises.  It was just a small thought 5 yrs ago.

I started the LPkids for family and a few friends to keep track of our crew.  I never expected more than the 25 or so regular visitors.  90,000 hits later here we are.  Stay tuned to the LPfamily as we continue to change and grow

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