Autumn is here

I always thought of September as the start of a “new year” rather than January 1.  Kids going back to school which bright white tennis shoes, a backpack all organized and the opportunity of learning new material.  Autumn also ushers in the wet season in Olympia, the grey and dreary days dominate the skies.

For the first time since Katie was in first grade, all 3 of the kids are at the same school.  Katie took the plunge and got back in the pool to swim competitively.  She is pushing herself and made the local paper when she took first in the 100 Backstroke.  She swims on the varsity relays as a freshman and is working to qualify for districts by shaving off just seconds on her strokes.

Danielle is at a crossroads in schooling.  She takes the SAT next weekend and then the decisions of where to apply for college are upon her.  It is so hard as a mom to sit back and have her figure it out on her own.  I can’t do this part of her.  She has to write the essays, she has to fill out the applications and she has to search for the scholarships.

David is doing an amazing job with his driving.  He drives Danielle everyday to school – because “why not?” he’s her chauffeur.  Katie is preferring the bus with her friends.  David is joining the same police explorer’s post at Lacey PD as Danielle.  He is very excited about this and I think he have as much fun as Danielle.  Hopefully his kevlar vest won’t come down to his knees like Danielle’s because she is one of the smallest kids they every had in the post.

For those who don’t follow the kids or I on Facebook, I will try to remember to post the pictures on her too.  This little blog turns 5 years only in a week.  Hard to image that on October 12th it would have been Lisa and my 20th anniversary of our Holy Union.

Thank you for supporting the LP family in so many ways over the years.


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