Dani did it!

After anxious moments and times of self doubt a thin envelope arrived in yesterdays mail from Eastern Washington University.  We got one earlier in the week saying they hadn’t received her transcripts to being thin I thought it was another reminder letter.  I opened it and at the very top in bold letters it said YES! Dani did it she got into a 4 yr university EWU outside of Spokane.  She has applied to one place out of state, Georgia but she have not heard anything from them as of yet.  If she gets into both, it will just be a time to sit down and list the pros and cons of each school and what she really wants, how much debt she wants to incur (at EWU it would be zero because of a program Lisa and I signed the kids up for – that only works at Washington state schools).  But all of that aside, she did it!  I am so proud of my little girl and I know damn well Lisa is too.  Danielle came to us at almost 5 yrs old with delays in every area and in special ed preschool.  Danielle has worked her ass off to overcome the horrible hand she was dealt by her birth mother and the foster care system leaving her in an abusive placement for almost 2 yrs – to rise above it all, hold chin up in the wake of family tragedy of losing “other mom” and to get into college.  Watch out world – you have Dani to contend with now – God forbid anyone tries to tell her she “can’t” do something.


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