She is growing up

Last week, Danielle and I headed to Eastern Washington University.  Danielle was admitted for the fall term and she committed to the school.  Though it was snowing as we started our tour, Danielle seemed to go through the gam met of emotions typical of looking at the next stage of anyone’s life.  She was excited, apprehensive, curious and quiet.  I am beyond proud of Danielle.  Now that she has seen dorm rooms, she is setting up wish lists on Amazon and Target for her towels and other important things she needs to get to make the room her own.  Look for those lists soon.  Danielle’s graduation date is June 9th – here in Olympia at St. Martins.  Tickets are limited – we only get 6 tickets but already have asked for 5 more.

Here is a pic of Danielle as we were landing in Spokane – I think it says it all.  Everything that must be going through her head as she gets ready to move on and find her own wings and soar to new heights.

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