a well put thank you (from U of Houston- Clear Lake)

I was fortunate to speak to the BSW program at U of Houston at Clear Lake last weekend.  It is letter’s like the one below that inspires me that our family’s story is worth telling.



my name is Kxxxx (name removed for privacy) and I am a student at the University of Houston- Clear Lake. Last Saturday you shared your story, which I’m sure isn’t easy, especially since you said you are a shy person. I would like to say thank you personally for speaking at UHCL- your story is powerful. I also would like to tell you that you left my boyfriend speechless. You see this is my second semester at UHCL and I am always talking his ear off about all the injustices in this world. Although he is supportive and lends his ear I know he cannot imagine anything beyond what I have to say. The event last Saturday I knew would open his eyes and help him understand that the LGBT community is oppressed and discriminated against. Although he didn’t cry like I did, I know he felt great sorrow for not only your lose but also how you and your children were treated.
I am glad you tell you story, it really is opening eyes.
Thank you again Janice.

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