saying ‘goodbye’ to 2012

For over two years, Danielle was certain that the Mayan’s were right and the world was going to end on 12.21.12.  Now that it’s the 22nd, she breaths a sigh of relief and so do I – because I don’t have to present logical analysis against the illogical fear or a teenager.

We started out 2012 with a huge bang down in Pasadena for the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl (Oregon Ducks v Wisconsin).  Lisa’s portrait was placed on the float as an organ donor and I received the honor of riding on the “Donate Life Float” – with last year’s theme: “For one More Day”.  Very fitting.



Our springtime brought knew people into our lives – Fash and Susan the Director/Producer and Actress of the short film (31min) loosely based on our story.  It’s beautiful and wonderfully done.  Hopefully 2013 will see the feature film. Image

As David worked and worked at improving his golf game – he made it to Leagues and did outstanding.  He earned his Varsity Letter – and he never takes his Letterman coat off.  Then before we knew it – Danielle was graduating – with honors and with passing all the State required tests.Image



And in just five minutes, 15 years of worry, loss of sleep and nearly bribery was all washed away in those 5 minutes with Danielle receiving her honor cords, and her fresh Hawaiian Lei from above protecting her.  I had a lot of help in getting Dani to this momentous occasion and if I start to name some of you and leave others out – I’ll never hear the end of it – so you know who you really are.

I had great plan for the summer – take the kids to all the places we used to visit – the zoo, NW trek and on and on.  I hoped it would help all of us.  However, Danielle got her first job, David was referring soccer matches 2-4 a day on Saturday and Sunday while Katie played soccer and completed her Lifeguarding course.  So the summer slipped by me and I didn’t achieve nearly what I hoped.

As the summer wound down, David started his Junior Year, Katie her sophomore and decided to swim again for the Varsity team.  This year she made it all the way to one step below state. Image

Shortly after Katie’s swim season started, David began volunteering with YMCA K-1 outdoor soccer team as the assistant Coach.  And then of course there was driving to Spokane/Cheney to send Danielle off to college.


And here is Danielle with her Freshman class – she reports she is somewhere in the “W” of EWU.

Swimming ended with Katie adding more patches to her letterman jacket.  David referred 24 Youth Soccer Games as well as coaching the little ones from the YMCA.

We hope our end of year letter find you well in health and in life.  As I went through pictures there is one from our last family vacation in San Diego in 2006 that I have to share – because Lisa is never far from my thoughts.  Merry Christmas to all.


The Langbehn- Pond’s


My Family – complete.  How I am choosing to remember my life – for now

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