Summer for the LPFamily

scan0004 scan0005June 22, 2013

Well first and foremost – Happy Birthday to our Rosie.  She turns 35 today, how is that even possible? It seems just yesterday she was brought to us by Jan Spears late on a Friday – the regular MO for my former agency.  She was unsure of the sheepdogs, announced she only like the color black and we looked at each other thinking of her bedroom we were about to show here was really decorated for a 4 year old not a 14 year old.  But by the end of the weekend, we all relaxed as we planned on transferring her to our middle school, getting clothes and shoes and her favorite drink at the time – Snapple.   We were all in unchartered waters, I was 24 years old with a 14 year old.  We became Rosie’s guardians a year later.  Teaching her how to drive – a stick, getting her into sports for the first time and sending her to Germany with her High School class.  What an amazing woman she’s turned out to be, raising her son and being so involved by coaching his sports teams and volunteer at his school.  Happy Birthday to our Rosie!

In yesterdays mail, I received a graduation announcement from Tanner.  Tanner lived with us for 8 months in 1994 into early 1995 until he was adopted by his grandparents.  We celebrated his first birthday with him – and he was our first “baby”.  Rosie and I taught him how to walk by bribing him with ice cream sandwiches.  Oh my and now he has graduated from High School.  Congratulations little guy.  You are ready for the world.  Above are pictures of Tanner at his first pumpkin patch trip and his first OshKosh outfit/pictures.  What an amazing kid!

I always randomly do M, D, D, K updates but today I’ll go in age order.

Katie has finished her sophomore year at Timberline.  She applied and was just hired by the City of Lacey as a Lifeguard and swim instructor.  She was born to be a fish.  She enjoys long boarding with friends, driving (I’m surviving), and hanging with friends.

David registers for his senior year of High School on Monday.  He is required to complete at least 20 hours of community service by April 2014. He applied as a volunteer with City of Lacey Parks and Rec and they put him right to work this weekend. He is helping with a huge fast-pitching tournament.  He will finish all 20 hours in just this weekend.  He is learning great skills and the staff have been fabulous with him.  David continues to referee U-10 to Adult soccer games.  He has found his niche by being one of the sideline refs (the ones with the flags).

Danielle has been home from Eastern about 2 weeks.  She finished her spring quarter on the Dean’s list once again. That is 2 out of 3 quarters of her freshman year on the Dean’s list.  She is amazing.  She is starting work again at the Dollar Tree – where she worked last summer.  David finished as the top golfer for Timberline High School.  We should play in a Junior Tournament in August which will be great experience for him.

Michael is doing alright.  We had a bit of a hiccup with his behavior with his staff 3 weeks ago that lead to some unfortunate consequences.  However he is working regularly a few hours on Friday and Saturday – which is fantastic.

The girls are going to the Cape the first 10 days of August and will get to see the Pond clan with all the cousins, Aunts, Uncles and G’ma and G’pa.  David and I may take a small road trip to the Oregon coast while the girls are on the Cape.

If you are on fb – David, Danielle and myself are on there.  Katie does Instagram mostly.  Michael likes to talk on the phone.  If you are unsure of how to reach one of us – send me an email through the blog and I will make sure you get the kids’ contact information.


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