Media Recap

This was the first TV interview just 3 hours after speaking with the president and while I fumbled for the words.. It is true that I believe it is not a Gay right but a Human right to decide who should be with you at the moment of death and what I had wanted to articulate but didn’t – was that no laws, or policies should define that for individuals.  Say blood relations was not a good way of putting it and not how I have discussed this in the past.  I am sorry if that hurt other families out there – that was not my intention – please remember I am a reluctant activist – and learning my way and still learning how to articulate myself quickly and clearly.

As I find the links to other videos I will post them.

it’s really today

Valentine’s Day

a contrite holiday we really didn’t celebrate

though three years ago we were

packing for Miami and the boat of bliss

but really this sunday is the day

exactly now – 5pm in Miami

when I was on the phone with Jan B.

saying help me – they say I’m in an

“anti-gay city and state”

they had our legal papers and it didn’t matter

we waited, the kids and I in our matching outfits

in that tiny ugly old dirty waiting room

knowing in my soul that, today, 3yrs ago today

the day before Presidents’ day

would change my life more than any other

more than a birth or adoption or another


Today, 3yrs later – it’s Valentine’s day

the kids are blissfully unaware

no idea if they count days, months, anniversary’s like I do

I have to, it’s the only way to get

through – for me

so tomorrow on Presidents’ day at 10:45am – I will

be heading to UPS – the place of our beginning-

for writing class, at the moment

when my love lost her life, officially

thought the dates change by the year

and it’s ‘really’ the 19th but for me

it will always be Presidents’ day

Bought the kids Valentines goodies to distract myself

from the real truth of the day


Death without Dignity

On a day when our family celebrated Bob’s marriage to Jen

and couples were called to dance – it slammed me in the chest – I had no partner to dance with

and that brings me full circle and trying to understand and be at peace with Lisa’s Death without Dignity

Lisa – was restrained, unable to speak for herself while the kids and I waited behind a locked door for 8 hours to be with her

only to gain access when her Sister arrived.  All because of What?  Mr. Frederick’s statement I was in an “anti-gay city and state”.

My complaint to the commission that oversees hospital is concluded without even calling me – all just from a 2 paragraph email

Is that justice – How do I know that they knew the full story?  And the investigation is sealed – So staff at JMH continue to practice

without so much as a reprimand.  Some are allowed to read her chart nearly 3 years after the fact to rationalize and justify their action

have come out saying I was “irate” in the waiting room – curious since I never met this nurse and Mr. Frederick only saw me for 5 minutes right

after Lisa’s admission.

It’s all unspeakable and horrible for what happened to our family – allowing Lisa’s to die alone

So as the three year anniversary approaches – all I can ask is that you don’t forget her

that you make your voices heard so ALL families matter.

Take a Moment and write an email or call Jackson Memorial and tell them you are outraged, that our family deserves and apology

Write to the Public Trust of Miami-Dade that oversees the hospital – they have been conspicously silent during this tragedy

It’s time for them to answer to how we were treated – from the time Lisa was admitted to the time she was laid to rest.

I still can’t get her death certificate, she was listed as “single” so one stroke of a pen erased 18 years of committment we had

We can make a difference,

Will you help me?


Winter Concerts

I have uploaded Katie and David’s strings concerts. David plays in both the middle school orchestra – and they are amazing as well as Chamber’s Orchestra at Waldorf which is only 9 kids strong – where all practices are after school.  Katie’s school did a horrible job in staging no one could see the kids.