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  1. eryn

    Hi there! I am presenting a presentation on gay rights for my undergrad psychology class. I would like to present your experience, if you would allow me to. I was wondering if you have any videos sharing the horrible experience you went through. If you please feel free to e-mail me them.

    Thank You for your time
    happy holidays

  2. Alex Sharpe

    Hey there,

    I’m so sorry about for loss. The way you were treated makes us angry and sick. My partner and I (10 years) live here in Florida, and we’ve experience discrimination at the hospital too. As a resident of Washington you may not know about the details of the proposition 8 fight we had here in Florida. The anti- equal rights people lied to the public and told them over and over that gay people can get basic rights through already existing legal instruments. As your situation PROVES, this is not the case. It is unspeakably cruel to allow someone medical power of attorney but not grant that same person visitation rights. Who would think those things are separate? But they are in fact separate things here in Florida. It is shocking and deeply cruel.

    Thank you so much for standing up for your family via our court system. Thousands of us worry tremendously about the very situation you faced. It was made clear to us on election day that many voters in Florida simply don’t care if the law hurts our families. The only way we’re going to stop this insanely cruel practice is via the courts. We really need you here, and thanks again for standing up for your family and for everyone in Florida who faces this very situation.

  3. Erik Nicholson

    I have just learned of the outrageous circumstances regarding the loss of Lisa Pond. I’m so sorry. I have written the CEO of the Jackson Memorial Hospital to express my outrage, and suggested as long as they continue their discriminatory policies that they change their tag line from “comprehensive compassionate care” to “comprehensive compassionate care for hetrosexuals only”. I’m with you in your fight.

  4. Art Wells

    Dear Janice,

    I read the NY Times article today. I was bothered by the article. My heartfelt sypathies to you and the children.

    I keyed in on a few phrases like “How I get over that I’ don’t know, or if I ever do.” and “feeling like a failure”.

    I am a ordained metaphysical minister with the Universal Church of the Master, a spiritualist church. Each minister is free to persue their own way of service. I have served as a bridge between those here and here after on several occasions. As you probably already know Lisa is not gone but on a different vibrational level. I would be surprised if there hasn’t already been contact between you, the children and her. Perhaps I can help with making contact and especially about feeling like a failure. Feel free to contact me. No agenda or stings attached. Call collect if necesary. Peace. Art Wells. 805 466 4390

  5. Dyan Collings Ralph

    Oh God, I am so sorry. My heart aches for you. You did not fail Lisa. The system of unequal laws failed you all. I am so very sorry. You will be in my heart and in my prayers, and you are an inspiration to fight every day for true equality. Bless you.

  6. Kristin Stadtmuller

    I wish the absolute best for you and your family recovering from the loss of a dedicated partner and mother. What happened was nothing less than disgusting, but I hope out of this comes more support for equal rights. You have a beautiful family, and no kind of love is wrong.

  7. My heart weeps but having read Lisa’s eulogies I’m also uplifted to know such a wonderful person as Lisa was once in the world and that the world still has Janice and some of the world’s greatest kids. I’m deaf and I must say I felt such a personal connection upon reading that Lisa learned sign language. She certainly spoke to me.

  8. Terri Azie

    I just heard about your case today for the first time. I just want to send my prayers and heartfelt sympathy for your loss. We can only hope that, as a society, the US can soon evolve to a better place. I’m so sorry for all you have gone through, and I truly admire your courage. Your Lisa must be so proud.

  9. Randy Buck

    I’ve followed your case with sympathy and interest for some time; was saddened and disgusted to hear today of the court’s ruling. I lost a partner of 14 years to AIDS in 1991, after we both endured 19 months of hell from his family during his illness — I know something of what you’re going through, and my heart aches for you. The grief from the loss of your loved one is terrible enough, but the anger and hurt you feel from the injustice of how you’ve been treated are salt in the wound. Know, though, that you have many supporters and friends (some, like me, you don’t know), and I truly believe that the anger generated in many people by your unfortunate experience will serve to help remedy this legal situation. You’re in my thoughts and prayers; you and your kids, hang in there!

  10. Marca Cassity RN BSN

    Dear Janice,

    I used to work at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the Emergency unit as a young RN.

    As a health professional, as a nurse, I want to say to you I am sorry.

    When I worked at JMH, there were many amazing people on the team that I know would be disgusted with this situation. And I also know there were a lot of staff who were overly stressed out, uneducated, unhealthy, ignorant, suffering from PTSD, and numbed out from their day to day exposure to “trauma” and their lack of willingness to get support. Being in the field you are in I know you understand.

    Plesae know that the people who caused this to happen are living their own hell. From reading about Lisa I am sure she was and still is blessing them all.

    Again, please allow me to represent. I deeply deeply apologize. I offer you all the blessings in the world in your case against JMH and the State of Florida. I offer you blessings for your children and your life. Thank you for staying diligent in the midst of your loss.

    Marca Cassity RN

  11. Samantha

    Dear Janice and family,

    I am so sorry for your loss. You have a lot of courage. I live in Florida and I can say their are many things wrong with many policies and laws. I believe everyone deserves equal rights. Just know that you have a lot of people supporting you!


  12. Tiffany Thompson

    I am so sorry and so mortified to hear what happened to you and your family. I am furious at that insensitive moronical schmuck of a social worker and incredulous that the hospital and then a judge backed him up. Sending love towards your family.

  13. Ava Weiss

    Dear Janice,
    My heart is breaking for you.. I have a question to ask that may seem off but as a health care provider it’s something that may help your case.. Was she on your health insurance plan?? or were you both on the same health insurance plan.. pls feel free to contact me..

  14. Janice & family,
    I acknowledge for your courage and your generosity. You have been so powerful in taking a stand for your love and for justice. Thank you.

    You have a really great opportunity right now because the world is listening to you. What is next for you? How do you want people, especially those who are upset by what has happened to you, to react to situations like this? From your perspective, what do you think are the most productive things for us to do to make a difference for equality and justice?

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you and God bless you.


  15. john

    lets face it . Gay people get poorer healthcare than most hetrosexuals. Homophobia is still prevalant in heathcare especialy in florida .

  16. Jen in NC

    Hi there-
    I read your story on your website a long time ago when I believe you told your story on NPR- at least that’s how I remember it. I haven’t returned since then but have thought of your family fairly often and told your story many times as well (health care reform kept you with me).

    I am so glad you’re getting such recognition and I’m really hoping something comes of these changes Pres. Obama is working on.

    You’re still in my heart-

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  18. Heather

    I believe you spoke at my (our?) son’s high school Friday. I wish I had been there. As he retold the story we cried together, I cannot imagine the pain you went through. What a violation of human rights for both you, your wife, and your children. I hope you continue to tell your story and make people aware. Know your story has touched our heart and we will continue to keep your family in our thoughts, as well as raise our five children to accept and love everyone equally.

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